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ViamTek machinery offers Screw type hot feed extruder machine to suit individual needs. ViamTek manufacture different type & size of hot feed Extruder machine to meet the multiple application production requirement for straining extruding tubes, treads, profiles, sheeting with roller die heads etc. the extruder size depends on required output and feeding method is available to meet the our client needs. Pre-heated rubber compound using warming mill is feed into hot feed extruder. The material feed into extruder through tangential undercut proper fed to screw.

Silent Feature

  • All Machine equipped with STD Variable Drive System ABB/Siemens Make.
  • Fabricated & Jacketed Barrels for proper cooling & heating effect.
  • Barrel sleeve replaceable.
  • Screw & Sleeve are made of EN41B with Nitra alloy hardened and polished.
  • Helical reduction Gear Box for high and better efficiency.
  • Equipped with Rotary joint for water circulating.


Standard offers are with manual temperature control with valve opening/closing, whereas as in case of accurate temperature control requirement high pressure close loop thermo-fluid circuits with Electrical Heaters & pumps can be offered to control the temperature in ±1oC