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1. Training of Plant Operators

The service towards Training of Plant Operators are available at our facilities in Mumbai. Followings courses are generally covered:

  • Instruction Manual – Operation and Maintenance
  • Spares List
  • Maintenance Video
  • Preparation of Service Reports
  • Maintenance of Machine
  • Safety Protocol
  • Hands on Assembly & Maintenance Activities

Special courses are taken up at the customer site under arrangements to cover maintenance activities on Mechanical, Electrical, Pneumatic, Instrumentation and Ventilation systems supplied by us.

2). Erection and Commissioning

The field services of a team of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation Engineers, Technicians and Fitters are available on chargeable basis for supervising Erection and Commissioning of Equipment supplied by us.
Sets of special Tools, Instruments, Inspection, Calibration and Testing Apparatus are available for the required activities at site.
The engineers are deputed within a short notice for completing the site activities, within a stipulated period, as per the approved commissioning protocol.

3) Annual Maintenance Service

Annual Maintenance Service Contracts are available for new Equipment for a period of 3 years from the date of Commissioning. The Service Agreement covers maintenance with or without Spare Parts.
We offer a high percentage of plant availability by ensuring zero breakdown. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance activities are carried out at regular intervals. The customers / users are informed by service report about the condition of the Equipment and vital Spare Parts.